• Mindly

      1.049,201.903,20 Incl. VAT

      TRIBUTE TO VON DOESBURG The MINDLY armchair acknowledges the spacial vision of Theo van Doesburg, made up of primary colours and elementary geometric shapes like lines and squares. Austere and rational, MINDLY has a lightweight tubular metal frame. The seat and the backrest are slightly upholstered and follow the contours…

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    • Opposite

      2.867,003.367,20 Incl. VAT

      The arch shape perfectly synthesises the Opposite armchair. This simple image summarises the design and construction work involved in lending shape to an article that must be welcoming and comfortable. Two plates, bent into an arch and welded to three crossbars and four legs form the essential metal structure to…

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    • Rule

      1.952,00 Incl. VAT

      Design:¬†Giandomenico Belotti¬† The Rule armchair is the result of experimentation, a crazy challenge to make a comfortable, good-looking little armchair out of a single sheet aluminium, cut and bent. Rule is a sort of metallic origami, fun in real scale that is not an end in itself as this is…

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    • Shut up

      2.049,603.025,60 Incl. VAT

      TRIBUTE TO CHAREAU Inspired by the iconic Corbeille sofa designed in the 1920s by Pierre Chareau, the SHUT UP armchair is the single-seat version of the TALK sofa. While TALK was designed for conversation, SHUT UP was designed to encourage contemplation, thanks to its comfortable and enveloping shape. Its simple…

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    • Vote

      1.732,402.562,00 Incl. VAT

      TRIBUTE TO GIANDOMENICO BELOTTI The VOTE armchair, with its free and expressive look, is a tribute to Man Ray and to the formal and conceptual acrobatics of Dadaism. Elegant and theatrical, it easily inserts itself in various environments, from the most classic and sophisticated to the most modern and minimalist.…

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